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My name is Charlie, my pronouns are they/them, and I approach my work with empathy and a desire to learn. I have a cat named Charmander and I love Doctor Who. I connect with the world, and others, through my art. Creativity, curiosity, and compassion are the three pillars of my work and I hope to make a positive impact on the world. 

My Story

I’ve lived a fairly nomadic life, zigzagging across the country as a child before settling in Michigan. I grew up with my nose in a book, finding comfort in different characters, worlds, and adventures. I nurtured my imagination through reading, writing, and art. I was able to connect with others through my creations, learning about others and myself in the process. Soon I was taking photos everywhere I went, especially of nature and animals. I loved art and creating things out of whatever I could get my hands on. When I finally got my hands on more technology, I began to teach myself graphic design and editing. 

I went on to study Art & Design at the University of Michigan with a portfolio full of various creations, from pottery to animated music videos. At Stamps, I was able to learn woodwork, metalwork, sound engineering, printing, and other various mediums. It was an artist’s buffet and I loved getting to try my hand at all of these new and exciting things. I then went to study Screen Arts & Cultures (Film, TV, and Media) where I focused on creating content for the digital world. As the default “art person” I worked extensively as a Production Designer, but my writing skills and attention to detail led me to script supervision as well. 

I continued to work with cameras, both through school and through part-time work. I learned how to work with DSLR, JVC, HPX, HVX, FS7, and Arri-S 16mm. I was trained and certified as a Nokia Ozo operator thanks to award-winning Cinematographer, Jendra Jarnagin. I went on to work with other cameras and programs, including Final Cut, Sony Vegas, and Adobe CC. I also became an expert in 360 photography and editing, able to “frankenstein” an image out of dozens of source images. I absolutely love working in Photoshop, so much so that I didn’t start using Lightroom until I had been a professional photographer for several years. 

But you’re not here to read about equipment and programs, you’re here to learn more about me! I love giving back to my community, and was always one of those people who was involved with several organizations. In high school, I was a president of at least one club and a member of about six throughout my time there. I spearheaded my school’s recycling initiative and traveled with the National Relief Network to help with disaster relief during multiple summers. When I wasn’t helping to clean up or rebuild, I was working and taking classes at my local community college. To me, learning is something that is an ongoing process, both within an academic setting and in everyday life. 

I went on to be just as involved in university, continuing to work with Model United Nations, choir, Interact/Rotaract, academic and service-oriented clubs and programs. Even now, well into my professional career, I do as much nonprofit work as I can handle. I am a sponsor for Ferndale Pride, creating their promotional content each year with video footage I captured from previous events since the last. I volunteer at my local community center, specifically focusing on supporting the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized or underrepresented groups. 

TLDR; Art, film, volunteering, and Doctor Who. 

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Greater Detroit Area, MI