There’s nothing I love more than working within and serving my community. I work with my local Pride every year and provide promotional materials for their social media posts. If you see me at Pride, come say hi and I’ll take your photo!

I have been providing photography for weddings in the Detroit area for a decade, and there’s nothing quite like being a part of people’s milestones like this. Capturing candid photos of those joyous moments is everything! 

With my baby and family photography, you always have the option to not have your photos shared online! Your comfort is my priority. Thank you to those who allow me to display the photos I have taken. 

I have been producing portrait photography for years, and have expanded to more cosplay photo shoots in the past couple years. I find them quite fun and enjoy meeting and collaborating with other creatives! 

I have a soft spot for animals and enjoy the opportunity to take photos of pets. Let’s set up a session in a park or somewhere your pet is comfortable!

I can’t keep plants alive, but I can capture them with my camera! The wonders of the universe and beauty in the mundane are fascinating to me. If you want a print of any of my photos, let me know! 

let’s create something fantastic together


Greater Detroit Area, MI