Graphic Design

I have a strong background in Art & Design, and I work in several mediums including photography, editing, and graphic design. While I am experienced in many areas and happy to work on several different types of projects I have found myself most at home with digital art. Over the years I have provided my skills to a number of employers, nonprofits, and independent clients. Here are a few items and context.

Digital Illustrations

Since 2020, I have focused more on digital art, working primarily in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These programs have become my happy place, and I take every moment I can to create new works with them. Especially if they can be used to make a positive impact. If you have a project for a nonprofit, please provide those details so I can create my best work in a way that supports you.

Logo Design

Helping others is a driving force in my life, and I jumped at the chance to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds to create logos for company Employee Resource Groups. Some factors discussed during design were color pallets reflecting authentic skin tones, following company branding guidelines, and accessibility guidelines. 

Posters / Flyers

Whether I am working or volunteering, I often find myself involved with events of varying scales. Marketing those events so people know to attend and what they’re all about is key. My graphic design skills have been useful in helping organizations advertise their events.

This particular flyer was inspired by Newton’s cradle and momentum of energy. A fitting design for an energy conservation program! 


I do my best to make sure my designs are effective and inclusive. I am open to learning and growing, relying on empathy and transparency to create and collaborate. I give back to my community and hope to work more with others. 

Your project!

If your project requires a creative mind and skillset, I am here for it! I have done everything from designs for weddings, event flyers, program posters, COVID-19 safety messaging, logos, tattoos, patterns, illustrated portraits, video graphics, social media content, and more! My studies at the University of Michigan allowed me to work in everything from woodwork to 3D rendering in Maya, and I have only sought to expand my skillset more since graduating in 2014.