Film & TV

I have worked on narrative, documentary, and even virtual reality productions in every position from production assistant to a Production Designer.


Based on a true story that resonates with many of the crew backing the project, myself included, this was one of the films I treasure most in my reel and was thrilled to support authentic representation with my role as Art Director.  

This deeply personal film with a primarily queer crew follows a young woman and her grandmother, who fights to hide her secret life from before the Holocaust, while her granddaughter grapples with coming out to her.

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From This Day Forward

My first feature was From This Day Forward in 2013, for which I traveled to New York to help with post-production for a month before flying back to Michigan for one last day of production. 

Directed by Sharon Shattuck, this feature documentary is touring at festivals around the country, FTDF won multiple awards. 

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Liberty’s Secret

Starting my work in the Art Department during production, I fell in love with Liberty’s journey. Director Andy Kirshner brought me back as Lead Publicist to continue working on this LGBT feature.

 Liberty inspires us to re-imagine America as it should be, and not as it lately has seemed so hell-bent on becoming.


My work for Moviement spanned from camera operation for Street Cred’ to helping out on the set of the feature film Destined. With a social justice theme, this Moviement focuses on the youth of Detroit.

Directed by Qasim Basir, this feature film premiered in LA in 2016 and will be screening at Cinetopia June 2017.

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